Home Health People vaccinated in Africa are considered unvaccinated

People vaccinated in Africa are considered unvaccinated


The UK is set to declare that people who receive vaccinations in Africa and other countries are considered not vaccinated.

– People vaccinated in Africa regarded as not vaccinated by UK government.

– Covid vaccination jabs in Africa may be different from vaccinations in the UK.

– Some vaccinations are not recognised by the UK Government as in the new UK travel policy.

– Countries are not happy with the UK government

According to Aviation Analyst, Alex Macheras all vaccinated persons in Africa and some other countries which he mentioned have been regarded as “unvaccinated”.

People who fall in this category will therefore be required to follow a mandatory 10 day home quarantine & tests as per the new UK travel policy.

Fully vaccinated persons with Pfizer/AZ/etc, are categorised by the UK as “unvaccinated” and so must face quarantine.

Multiple countries especially those who fall in these mentioned categories are not happy with UK government. Some Rwandans are expecting the UK government to explain why they were fully vaccinated with Pfizer/AZ/etc yet regarded as unvaccinated.

The UK government is yet to explain whether the vaccination jabs in Africa are different from vaccination jabs in the UK.

Existing fears of many Africans are beginning to rise especially those countries that are believed to have administered the “exact same” vaccines as UK (Pfizer/AZ/Moderna/etc)

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