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How to get a Medical Fitness Certificate

How to get a Medical Fitness Certificate
Steps to get a Medical Fitness Certificate

A medical fitness certificate is needed for you to apply for a government job but how do you get a Medical Fitness Certificate?

A medical fitness certificate can only be obtained from a public hospital or military clinic, while a medical report can be obtained from any hospital, be it private or public. It is always meant to be signed by a registered medical practitioner holding a Medical Degree

Steps to get a Medical Fitness Certificate

1. Go to your District Hospital, where you’ll find an RMO or CMO (Chief Medical Officer).

2. Simply present your joining letter, complete the hospital form, and complete the medical exam.

3. Your medical certificate will then be signed and stamped by the RMO/CMO.

NB: Making a medical certificate in a major city will take about 6 hours. In small groups, it may take 1–2 hours, depending on the facility.

To obtain a medical fitness certificate, you need go to your main health center or any government hospital if you have a family doctor. This is a more safe method of obtaining your certificate because it is completed by a medical practitioner, and you can be assured that it will seem and be genuine. In large cities, all tests are required, however in small towns, only a blood and urine test is required.

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