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First Aid Tips for Tear Gas and Pepper Spray


First Aid tips for tear gas and pepper spray is very important to prevent serious comments locations later in the future.

Here are a few tips that will serve as fist aid when you fall victim of tear gas explosion and pepper spray usage.

First Aid Tips for Tear Gas & Pepper Spray

1. Wear your facemask.

If you have a base mask you can put it on to avoid inhalation of tear gas. Alternatively use a clean cloth to cover your nose. Briefly hold your breath, don’t inhale.

2. Run from the smoke to a safer place.

Gases spread through diffusion. You can run away from the area with more concentration of the gas to an area with less concentration.

3. Wash your hands and face quickly.

If possible find water to wash your hands and face. Flush your face with water for 10 mins.

4. Change your clothes.

Change your cloths as materials are able to trap gases and cause dizziness effect.

5. Flush a lot of water in eyes.

In case you have pepper spray in eyes flush a lot of clean water in your eyes.

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