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Easiest way to make your body fit


First and foremost: Congrats! The mere fact that you’re going to compete is amazing. if you’re going to do one, it’s best (smartest, safest, healthiest) to plan for it the right way.

Being fit isn’t all about exercise. You have to follow a strict diet fully balanced according to your body type and future goal.

Plan the journey from where you are till where you wish to see yourself. Be sure you’ve got these in place before you start training, and it’ll make the whole process so much more enjoyable—not to mention successful.

Running is the key include it in your daily plan. Don’t push yourself much in the beginning cause things take time. Increase your stamina day by day.

Remember,”your only competitor is YOU from YESTERDAY”.

Monitor your calories intake, get your body fat percentage and try to convert that in a single-digit figure. Avoid artificial sugar and simple carbs like white rice etc.

Include stretching and yoga in your plan. Chin-ups will work like charm for strength.

It takes about 16 weeks for the average person to prepare for a marathon, so be sure you are able to commit to that amount of time before for sure.

Training is a commitment that’s going to influence your social life, so it’s really important that your significant other, friends and family are on board with your goal. Feeling like you’ve got people encouraging you and rooting for you along the way will remind you that you’re not alone—and that sense of connection will motivate you to plow through your training.

Rest you can have any of the free workout plans available on the internet according to your body type.

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