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Another Lockdown in Ghana?


Nana Addo addresses the nation Ghana for the 23rd time.

-Another lockdown in Ghana?

As usual, the communique will address the nation on the measures taken against the spread of Covid-19.

Will Ghana go on another lockdown?

The question on our minds is that, will Ghana go on another lockdown?.

To answer that question, one might believe it’s possible. Well the Information minister said during a press update. “Another lockdown is possible.”

However, Ghana will not go on another lockdown.

Reasons why Ghana will not go on another lockdown.

1. No prior update.

2. University students have been allowed to pay accommodation and tuition.

Well on the critical, this point is not inclusive because lives are valued over money.

3. It is not the plea of Ghanaians.

4. The statistics are leading to a new lockdown but hasn’t gotten to that point yet.

To conclude, the president might only hint of a possible lockdown but not as a directive.

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