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6 mistakes that slow down your weight loss

bad weight loss habits

As a preamble, that is a challenging question in its current form. “Everyday mistakes” are more likely to be bad habits than mistakes; perhaps the person is unaware that what they are doing is counter-productive.

Here are some Bad Weight Loss Habits.

6 mistakes that slow down your weight loss

1. Eyeballing portions.

Assuming the person is trying to do things right, I think the biggest mistake people make is eyeballing portions instead of measuring. At a minimum, a person trying to lose weight needs to spend two weeks measuring portion sizes to reeducate the brain and eyes on the amount of food they should be eating. That smear of peanut butter you are putting on toast is likely 2–3 times the serving size of the label.

2. Over-snacking.

Calories are calories. You need to figure out a meal plan (frequency of meals and eating) that work for you and your schedule. However, that small handful of nuts you eat can be anywhere from 170–220 calories. That is likely 10% of your limit. The person thinks the snack may be healthy, but the calories add up.

3. Boredom or procrastinating eating.

Related to over-snacking is boredom eating. This problem is particularly challenging if you are working from home or stuck at home. Eating is a way to fill time and procrastinate on other tasks.

4. Drinking Alcohol.

Thanks to the Atkins and Keto diets, many people have the idea that alcohol is free of calories. Wrong. Also, alcohol tends to lead to poor judgment and over-snacking. If you are serious about losing weight, you will cut out alcohol because it is one of the bad weight loss habits.

5. Cutting out entire food groups.

You don’t have to cut ALL of something. Again, you have to find a plan that works for you, but you don’t have to follow cliche advice about cutting out all dairy, fat, or all carbs. However, you should try to limit refined sugar and processed foods.

6. Replacing meals with liquid.

It is common for dieters to transition to shakes and smoothies. That is not necessary and is often counter-productive. Liquid food doesn’t satiate as well and can spike insulin because it is easily and quickly digested. That hinders appetite control and weight loss as bad weight loss habits.

When it comes to weight loss, there is a veritable laundry list of probable blunders. In general, to reduce weight successfully, one must have a strategy. However, if the plan isn’t functioning, one must be willing to abandon it. You must be able to track your progress, as with any strategy.

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